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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My First Attempts At Clothes

I decided that I should just go ahead and try a simple shirt. It seemed the easiest to start off with a shirt for Grace. Jo Ann's had recently had a .99 sale on their McCall's patterns so I stalked up, because well why not????

I got one out and started working!

Front View

Back View

It was a bit wide for here (done on purpose so it would fit for awhile) but I decided to gather the top and sew it with some pretty heart stitching (you may not be able to see that in the photo). By gathering the material it made the shirt fit much better and made it cuter as well!

I made this shirt from a piece of remnant cloth that I got from Joann's. It didn't turn out too bad and she even wore it to school!

Since that was a fairly successful endeavor, I decided to go ahead and try something for me. 

I only have one pair of capri sleepwear pants for the summer and I'm always wishing I had more so that is what I decided to start with. BTW: softest material ever - love these pants!

Now, I just need some lessons on working with patterns. My confession: I used the patterns to cut out the pieces of fabric, but I was completely lost from that point on. I had to just figure the rest out from there. 


  1. good job

  2. Very cute looks like you're off to a great start!!!