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The Passing of my beloved Cricut Expression

What started out as a very sad day indeed, turned into a blessing and creative evening! My most favorite and most widely used scrapbooking tool is my Cricut Expression. I love my expression and for over a year I have used it almost every day! It has helped me create wonderful layouts, albums, gifts, mini books, swaps, and decor. I had a feeling, a bad feeling, this evening as I went to create some cards for Mothers Day. My feelings were confirmed, my cricut expression passed on this evening. It had been ill for awhile and I did everything to revive it and to coax it back into the land of the working, but alas it was terminally ill. I finally came to grips with this as I could do nothing to breathe power into its body. It would not respond to outlet changes, or new power cords, or my many attempts at updating it. It was too late. With a sad and heavy heart I began to come to terms with my loss. Fortunately, due to the fact that I have an amazing and understanding husband (I am truly bl…